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Awakening Previews - Blue Resolute Mastery and Goku

By jazzdrive3 on 09/10/2016

The first previews for the next DBZ set, Awakening, dropped late Friday. And wow.

The frozen list for set 1 masteries will talked about to death, so I mainly just want to give some initial thoughts on some of the new cards. (Although I will miss my  Saiyan Empowered Mastery ).


This is a great mastery. It keeps some of the defensive potential of  Blue Protective Mastery , while maintaining your hand size. Good for filtering out dead cards. And it adds damage to all of your attacks! Blue energy attacks already pack a nice punch, and this is just icing on the cake.

I've been playing around with a Blue Protective Turles deck that has been performing very well, and this new mastery will actually work better and make it stronger. That extra 1 life card makes most energy attacks unpreventable critical hits.

This new mastery also has some great synergy with...wait for it...set 4 Vegeta! He can reveal a card instead of discarding it, and then draw another one. Since it can be any styled card, instead of just Physical and Energy Combat cards like the old mastery,  Blue Lifting Drill has the potential to set up a nice combat, catching your opponent by surprise. Start paying attention to other Blue cards that have discard effects, and expect more to show up in the new set.

Next up is Goku, and this new stack is all about card advantage. Each level allows you to draw a card, and his level one essentially makes Goku – Super Saiyan God  dead (or at least less desirable). And his modifiers make him his hard.

Goku Training DBZ CardGoku Determined DBZ Card


Goku Couragous DBZ Card

Goku Selfless DBZ Card


Goku is going to be an MP that can fit into a lot of different deck archetypes. He's flexible.

His level 4 powers pull cards out of the Banished Zone. Some of the most powerful cards, like  Blue Terror , are banished after use. And for good reason. Being able to cycle those to be used again on the same combat is sick stuff. Cards like  Saiyan Elbow Drop are good targets as well.

What I'm really looking forward to, however, is mixing and matching with his Evolution MP stack. I was always a fan of his Broku capabilities, and this new stack will make his early game a bit more consistent.

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UPDATE: See RandomNumberGaming's breakdown of these previews.

What are you most excited about so far?


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