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Awakening Previews - Cell Jr.

By jazzdrive3 on 10/16/2016

Swarms and swarms of mini-Cells. The new Cell Jr. MP stack just revealed offers a different way to play allies, and some of the most versatile deck-building options, given that he can be the center of Namekian and Saiyan decks.

Cell Jr. Level 1 - TauntingCell Jr. Level 2 - On the MoveCell Jr. Level 3 - OppressiveCell Jr. Level 4 - Confident


The level 1 power Hit effect offers some interesting options. Look at all the cards with constant effects that can be pulled.

Dragon Balls, allies, attached cards, and drills all offer lots of options.

Turles – Fighter in particular, with the 9 Cell Jr. allies you can have in your deck, has the potential to pack a serious punch.

An Orange deck can build a board presence fairly quickly. Red has some good targets as well. Black has the always-useful Black Smoothness Drill .

If you decide to focus on an ally deck, you get a large pool of omni-blocks on Levels 2 and 3, so it can be difficult to get an attack through.

If you are going for the mill theme, then  Blue Waiting Drill has a nice synergy, especially if you run  Blue Tag Team Mastery . For Namekian decks, I imagine  Namekian Assistance Drill will be a must.

I'm looking forward to playing around with this MP and seeing what other creative options people come up with.


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