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Awakening Previews - Hercule

By jazzdrive3 on 09/19/2016

As soon as I started reading the new Hercule stack, I got a big smile on my face. You can tell the designers had a lot of fun coming up with this set. And if they're having this much fun, it bodes well for the future of the game. The Hercule Main Personality cards reflect the personality of the in-show Hercule character perfectly. It's one long joke...but with a punchline (ha...haha) at the end that could do some real damage.

Hercule Champion - DBZ CardHercule Posing - DBZ Card


Hercule Guarded - DBZ CardHercule In Action - DBZ Card

He can't use energy attacks, nor can you include an ally that performs an energy attack. And he gets weaker as he gets....stronger. In the TV show, he fakes a stomach ache the moment the action is about to start, so that's just perfect.

His named card is a flurry of mosquito bites. Again, true to the character in the show.

Hercule's Dynamic Kick - DBZ Card

Hercule's named cards can't be modified until he reaches level 4, so this card will always be weak. But it stays on the board a long time, is unstoppable, and it shuffles back in your deck. You'll almost always have access to these things.

The attack also allows him to gain stages, which is helpful against physical...but its not like he'll be using those stages for much else besides taking a well-deserved beating.

Anything that can add HIT effects to cards could be useful, and I wonder if more of those are coming soon. Red Shoulder Grab also comes to mind. Perhaps some drills. I imagine that's why his level 2 turns prevents his use of continuous effect drills. Cards like Blue Guarding Drill Orange Examination Drill , and  Orange Retrieval Drill have some synergy, but you can't camp on level 2 if you want to use it. 

Just look for effects that reward "performing attacks" and "successful attacks." Hercule will be able to throw a lot of them. I expect the new set will include some options.


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