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Awakening Previews - Vegeta and Assisted Kamehameha

By jazzdrive3 on 09/10/2016

Previously, I gave a rundown of the new Blue mastery and Goku's MP stack. You can view those thoughts here. This will dive a bit deeper into the new Vegeta MP stack and the new Ultra Rare that was revealed: Assisted Kamehameha.

Vegeta Experienced DBZ CardVegeta Imposing DBZ CardVegeta Energized DBZ CardVegeta Pinnacle of Power DBZ Card


Vegeta's new MP cards revolve around non-styled cards. He isn't as generic as Goku's new MP stack, and a bit more susceptible to disruption with cards like  Saiyan Ki Burst and  Blue Slide , but he makes up for it with brute strength and his own disruption when reaching levels 2-4.

Vegeta’s Galick Gun becomes a monster in his capable hands, the new Assisted Kamehameha becomes a more powerful  Krillin’s Destructo Disk , and  Crushing Beam becomes very appealing. It opens up a lot of options, and makes some cards that were on the fence actually playable.

Vegeta also now has some great synergy with  Saiyan Rampaging Mastery . Those non-Styled attacks from discarding a dead card look a whole lot more attractive.

But I'm most excited about the fact this Vegeta's modifiers also effect allies. Heroes have a lot of great allies for dealing direct damage. Add in the +1 modifier from the new Blue mastery, and even the poke you inflict from  Icarus – Supportive becomes something you can't really ignore.

Vegeta's level 2 ups the potential, however, by making all of your non-styled attack unpreventable. And this also includes allies. Imagine a deck with the new Blue mastery running  Blue Dominance to get to level 2. With all of the ally tutors the Blue style has, plus cards like  Overpowering Attack and  Sobering Hammer , imagine the level of pain you can inflict with an energy beats deck.

Combine this with a few choice drills that you can pull with  Blue Dominance , like  Blue Lifting Drill (another +1 life card) and  Blue Mental Drill , and you have a setup that could be oppressive to your opponent.

Next up, Assisted Kamehameha.

Assisted Kamehameha DBZ CardTo me, this is sort of bland to be an UR, but it finds a nice spot in the new Goku and Vegeta MPs. I'm still not sure why something like this wasn't a named card for Gohan, as it fits thematically.

I don't even think all Saiyan personalities will use this card. A Broly deck won't run many energies, and there are better control cards to use in the limited slots it has. Four cards unstoppable and unpreventable is still good, but since it's not an auto-critical, and there are no other secondary effects, this card is going to be limited to masteries and MPs that easily add to its damage. Or maybe we'll get another mastery that adds additional hit effects to your attacks?

If it also reduced your opponents anger, or raised your own anger, that would raise the flexibility and utility of this card. Overall, it feels more like a regular rare card than an ultra rare.

What do you think? What builds will the new Vegeta enable?

UPDATE: Checkout Random Number Gaming's take on Vegeta.


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