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The Best Blue Style Cards from Older Sets

By jazzdrive3 on 11/02/2016

This page is part of a series for beginners, highlighting the best cards from older sets of the DBZ TCG from Panini. Adding these cards to your collection will enable you to build better and more competitive Blue decks, without getting bogged down in the sheer number of cards. This list will be updated as more sets are released.

While there are other good situational cards available, the focus on this list is versatility and usability, cards that have kept their value through several releases and meta-game changes. The biggest bang for your buck. The Blue style cards you want to own.

In general, and especially for Set 1, Blue has a lot of synergy with allies. If you are looking to build a good ally deck, the Blue style is an obvious choice to start your search.

Best Blue Cards from Set 1 - Premiere

  • Blue Battle Readiness - Pulling two allies out can swing the game in your favor. Pulling the the discard pile is very useful later in the game.
  • Blue Draining Blast - This can hit for major damage, but it has the bonus of draining your MP's stages, which will allow your allies to jump into the fray. (Also available in Awakening.)
  • Blue Head Knock - There is no better immediate anti-anger attack, and you can really ruin someone's gameplan. Hit your opponent with a couple of these at the right time, and you can eliminate MPPV as a in condition for them.
  • Blue Blockade - Omni-blocks are always valuable. While a setup can be fragile, it allows you to enter combat with greater options.
  • Blue Betrayal - Versatile in knocking out some of your opponent's board. With the banish effect, you probably won't be facing that same card again. (Also available in Evolution and Awakening.)
  • Blue Farewell - A backup plan in case you get a bad draw against an aggressive deck.
  • Blue Lunar Ray - Grabbing allies from the discard pile is always useful.
  • Blue Shifting Maneuver - An omni-block with good endurance, and if you play it at the right time, it's not even banished.
  • Blue Lunge - If you were attacked without getting some key setups out, this card can be your savior. Good endurance.
  • Blue Terror - One of the best cards in the game. Period.
  • Blue Arm Blast - A card that is both a block and an attack adds important optionality to your hand. (Also available in Evolution and Awakening.)
  • Blue Round Throw - Another block/attack. (Also available in Evolution and Awakening.)
  • Blue Positioning Drill - A versatile card that gives you longevity. Set yourself up for an advantageous draw for your next action (good for Resolute Mastery), or put a card with beefy endurance to soak up the damage.
  • Blue Neck Beam - Slow down those MPPV decks, or get your opponent off of a level that is killing you. (Also available in Awakening.)
  • Blue Narrow Escape - Great endurance, and the ability to recycle some key attacks back into your deck. (Also available in Evolution and Awakening.)
  • Blue Crouch - A block that recycles itself. Great against aggressive decks. (Also available in Evolution and Awakening.)

Best Blue Cards from Set 2 - Heroes & Villains

Best Blue Cards from Set 3 - Movie Collection

  • Blue Dominance - A great way to camp on level 2, if that's where your MP's strength is. Also one of Blue's only ways to search out drills.
  • Blue Double Blast - Anger control and the possibility of unpreventable damage.
  • Blue Rejection - It makes your next energy attack free, which is great against aggressive physical beats decks.
  • Blue Slash - Mills cards instead of doing lots of damage, which is almost as good as unpreventable damage.

Best Blue Cards from Set 4 - Evolution

Best Blue Cards from Set 5 - Perfection

  • Blue Challenging Strike - Good for decks with lots of mill effects, and the buff lasts beyond the current combat! Also good for potentially making a setup not dead if you drew it during combat.
  • Blue Clash - If you are running allies, consider this card. Potential unpreventable damage, plus the chance to get an ally back from the Banished zone.
  • Blue Energy Shield - Lets your allies start making actions immediately.
  • Blue Slide - This card does a lot: banishes from the discard pile, does decent damage, and then the hit effect can really cripple your opponent's combat if played at the right time.
  • Blue Toss - Free energies are always nice, and this card also adds some strategic ally control. 

Best Blue Cards from Set 6 - Vengeance

  • Blue Blanketing Blasts - One of the best energy attacks in the game. Good damage, good endurance, and great immediate and hit effects.
  • Blue Decapitation - A versatile card. Use it to allow your allies to perform actions or copy a strategic attack from your discard pile. Blue Head Knock is always a good target.
  • Blue Discharge - Anger gain or control, massive damage, and the ability to swap allies.


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