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The Best Saiyan Style Cards from Older Sets

By jazzdrive3 on 09/21/2016

This page is part of a series for beginners, highlighting the best cards from older sets of the DBZ TCG from Panini. Adding these cards to your collection will enable you to build better and more competitive Saiyan decks, without getting bogged down in the sheer number of cards. This list will be updated as more sets are released.

While there are other good situational cards available, the focus on this list is versatility and usability, cards that have kept their value through several releases and meta-game changes. The biggest bang for your buck.

Best Saiyan Cards from Set 1 - Premiere

Best Saiyan Cards from Set 2 - Heroes & Villains

Best Saiyan Cards from Set 3 - Movie Collection

Best Saiyan Cards from Set 4 - Evolution

  • Saiyan Overhead Kick - Pull out an ally while doing decent damage. Better for villain decks.
  • Saiyan Smack - Devastating against an opponent with a board full of allies.
  • Saiyan Sword Strike - Can be pulled with other sword cards, and has the potential to be unstoppable and unpreventable.

Best Saiyan Cards from Set 5 - Perfection

  • Saiyan Ki Burst - Great endurance, and stopping non-Styled cards on a key combat can win you the game.
  • Saiyan Crunch - Helps you keep the combat going, grabbing any Styled card in your discard pile you want. Great for the end game when you have a thick discard pile. It can even pull a copy of itself, which creates a nice loop, and if you are playing a deck that adds heavy modifiers, it can be devastating.
  • Saiyan Face Strike - Lots of anger gain, with beneficial effects if it is stopped. Timing it so you raise a level makes the downside of this card non-existent.
  • Saiyan Rapid Fire - One of the best energy attacks in the game. If it hits, you get guaranteed critical damage and anger. And it only costs one stage to perform.

Best Saiyan Cards from Set 6 - Vengeance

  • Saiyan Assistance - Both of its effects are good against decks that try to win by MPPV, with good endurance.
  • Saiyan Clash - Not much damage, but it mills for one, and if you have a lot of modifiers, staying in play for a second use is powerful.
  • Saiyan Severing Punch - Decent damage, good endurance, slight anger control, and stops your opponent from using cards like  Unleashed .
  • Saiyan Tantrum - One of the best energy attacks in the game. Good endurance with a great hit effect. It's reveal effect is potent with Broly.
  • Saiyan Terrifying Strike - Anger gain that has the potential to be unstoppable.


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