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Cards To Increase Your Deck Milling Effects

By jazzdrive3 on 12/14/2016

Or, How to Crank Your Milling Deck up to Eleven

Destroying cards off the top of your opponent's life deck has many advantages, and while milling decks have been around for while (partly thanks to Dr. Wheelo), there has been a new focus on them thanks to Awakening Cell MP stack and Mercenary Tao – Reckless .

Milling offers many advantages over straight damage. It can't be decreased with endurance or other cards that prevent damage. While you don't get the benefits of critical damage, and Dragon Balls are immune to normal milling, its a powerful way to cut through your opponent's life deck, and there's not much they can do about it.

So increasing the amount of cards you destroy each time can be beneficial. Here are some cards that do that for you, with some notes about their usefulness.

Attacks that Increase Milling

  • Black Choke - Good anger hate, plus potential for decent damage. This only increases your milling effect once, and only if the attack is successful, but the versatility might earn itself a place in your deck list.
  • Black Chomp - This has low damage, but the increase is with an immediate effect, and it increases it for the rest of combat. Good if you are able to set up and plan your combat properly, but its hard to justify a card slot.
  • Blue Challenging Strike - Also low damage, but it's benefits are an immediate effect, and it can potentially last over three combats if played right. You can get a lot of mileage out of this card. The hit effect can be useful, and synergizes well with a Raditz deck.
  • Namekian Whack - While not directly increasing the total amount milled, this card does increase its effectiveness by making the destroyed cards banished. It also packs some nice damage on its own and can be fetched with  Unleashed .

Support Cards that Increase Milling

  • Cell Jr. – Trapped - Good because its buff is always in effect...but only if this is the only ally you have in play. If you already have ways to grab allies out of your life deck or discard pile, he could find a place in your deck. Of course, he works great with Cell.
  • Black Wilt - In addition to milling, it has a potential benefit in making a non-styled attack styled, plus it goes right back in your life deck for you to draw it again sometime. The great endurance might make you look twice at the card, but ultimately, you probably don't want to waste a slot for it.
  • Black Remembrance Drill - Similar to the effect of Namekian Whack, but in drill form. Not as useful since it doesn't double as an attack, and it also affects cards that are destroyed from your own deck. Still, it might find a use in some strategies.


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