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The DBZ Trading Card Game is Dead. Long Live the DBZ TCG!

By jazzdrive3 on 01/10/2017

The news came down from on high that Panini will no longer hold the license necessary to develop a Dragonball Z card game. This was devastating news. While there were rumors floating around, and rumors of rumors, and the testimony of some comic book shop's owner's former roommate's sister's ex-boyfriend, it came as a surprise to many, including me.

I only got into this game back in May of 2016, and I loved it. So much that (and you may have noticed this) I created a whole site dedicated to it. And now the game is dead.

But not really. 

In case you haven't heard, some of the original developers of the game are going to continue working on the DBZ TCG, now affectionately titled FanZ. It will stay alive in virtual releases. This means you can just print out the cards yourself, with no need to buy packs. Set 8 was already in development before the dark announcement, that work will continue on that set. 

The FanZ "Community Board" (which is a name I just made up) has released a PDF with its initial make-up and immediate plans.

Here are the highlights:

  • A leadership group has been established by former DBZ TCG game developers and some other community figureheads.
  • Judge support for ruling questions, with a more direct line of communication and faster turnaround.
  • Two new formats for organized events: Open and Eternal. In Open events, you can proxy whatever card you want, even from older sets. In Eternal events, you can proxy up to 4 cards from older (non-virtual) sets.
  • The name of set 8 is The Celestial Tournament, and is scheduled for release in late February. Pikkon will be one of the main personalities.

I think the Eternal format is a great compromise. You're able to fill in some gaps you have with some Ultra Rares when playing those events. If I only have 2 copies of Unleashed and 1 copy of  Flurry of Blows , and I really want 3 of each for a deck I'm making...then no problem. I can use up 3 of my proxy slots and have one leftover. This both rewards you for having actual copies of the card, while also keeping the barrier to entry down.

While the cancelation had me sick to my stomach for a little while, I'm pretty hopeful for the future. It's sort of liberating. The same passion will be behind this game as before. The whole reason I played this game was because it was fun, and I met some great people. And now I won't have to chase down Ultra Rares and spend a ton of money to stay somewhat competitive. 

We still get to retain a lot of the benefits, but lose one of the main negatives: the cost of entry.

I'm looking forward to it.

When preview season starts for Set 8, I'll be keeping up with the spoilers and slowly build the running checklist for the new set. Celestial Tournament will have it's own link over on the checklist page.


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