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Highlighting the Best Cards from Older Sets

By jazzdrive3 on 09/04/2016

One of the problems for beginners coming into the game is knowing what cards to focus on acquiring from older sets. You can guess, but until you've played the game a bit, tested the waters, and get a feel for the current meta-game, you really don't know what cards are truly valuable, and what might continue to synergize well with newer cards.

For example, when I first started in the middle of the Perfection meta, I attempted to build a blue Goku ally deck, mainly from Evolution and Perfection cards. My first game, I lost horribly. Thankfully, my opponent let me know about cards like  Overpowering Attack and  Blue Battle Readiness

I had no idea these cards even existed, and the only way I could have is if I read through all 1000+ cards in existence, remembering them as I went along. That's a daunting task, even if you know exactly what type of thing you are looking for. 

And that's the thing. I didn't even know what to look for. I didn't know where to start.

Without further ado, here's the list organized by style:

Another example: I ended up creating a Saiyan Empowered Goku ally deck after my earlier failures, and it went 2-2 at my first local tournament. Not bad. But even that deck didn't include  Saiyan Outrage . I didn't even know about the power, significance, or existence of omni-blocks. You live and learn, and usually the hard way.

This isn't a knock on the community. It's hard to teach things to new people. You have assumptions you don't even know about, knowledge that you have internalized that is never said out loud, unwritten best practices for deck building. Recalling something Chesterton once said, its hard to argue for or explain something to someone just starting on a path when you are already way down the path, out of sight. Sure, you travelled that path long ago, but you haven't had to think about its perils, and you certainly don't know if new challenges have cropped up.

This is part of why I created a searchable DBZ card database that I think is more user-friendly. It's also why I'm going to start a running list of "best-of" cards from older sets that beginners can refer to so they start to get a feel for what works and what doesn't. Each style is broken down and organized by set for easy reference.


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