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Post World Championship Updates

By jazzdrive3 on 11/20/2016

The DBZ World Championship has come and gone, and it was a wild one. Goku made a splash, but the ultimate winner was Roshi. The top two decks have been posted for your viewing pleasure:

The OP season is over, and I'm ready to settle in for some more casual play. Personally, I've been testing decks built around Tao and Broly. What about you?

Site Changes and Updates

In the meantime, I've pushed up some tweaks to the site to help make it more useful. Here is a rundown:

  • A new deck search page. The site is now ready to add more and more decks, outgrowing the 6 slots on the homepage.
  • A fix for the duplicate printing section on card pages. Previously, it would ignore cards if they were part of the same set, like the Dragon Rares from Awakening. This now works as expected.

Changes currently in the pipeline:

  • A better way to sort cards on deck pages. I want the card list to be sorted by Drills/Setups, Combats, and Events. Right now, its just whatever order the cards are entered in.
  • ....? Let me know if you have any ideas! What do you want to see?

As always, if you would like to contribute decks, articles, or tournament reports, please let me know. I welcome additional voices.


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