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News, Strategies, and Tips for the DBZ TCG

December DBZ Video Roundup

By jazzdrive3 on 12/22/2016

A lot of the great content about the DBZ TCG is conveyed in video, and so here is a round-up of some of the recent videos that I found useful, informative, or entertaining.

Red Ascension Trunks Vs. Black Perceptive Cell

If you want an example of the power of Trunks and speed anger, pumping at all cylinders, watch this video. The Cell is at the complete mercy of those combat enders and the free anger Red Ascension provides. If you aren't stocking your decks with counters to these types of decks, get ready to suffer the same fate as Cell.

Awakening Previews - Hercule

By jazzdrive3 on 09/19/2016

As soon as I started reading the new Hercule stack, I got a big smile on my face. You can tell the designers had a lot of fun coming up with this set. And if they're having this much fun, it bodes well for the future of the game. The Hercule Main Personality cards reflect the personality of the in-show Hercule character perfectly. It's one long joke...but with a punchline (ha...haha) at the end that could do some real damage.