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News, Strategies, and Tips for the DBZ TCG

Highlighting the Best Cards from Older Sets

By jazzdrive3 on 09/04/2016

One of the problems for beginners coming into the game is knowing what cards to focus on acquiring from older sets. You can guess, but until you've played the game a bit, tested the waters, and get a feel for the current meta-game, you really don't know what cards are truly valuable, and what might continue to synergize well with newer cards.

Kentucky Regional 2016 Tournament Report

By jazzdrive3 on 08/28/2016

I had a great time at my first DBZ TCG regional, in my hometown of Louisville, KY. Despite some problems (the lack of good air conditioning, late starts, etc), I had fun, met a lot of people, and gained a ton of experience.

Broly's Strength and Stamina

By jazzdrive3 on 07/26/2016

The Broly MP stack sports the highest max power ratings of any other MP stack (barring some promos here and there), sporting some built-in control powers and opening up the opportunity for a competitive Saiyan physical beats deck. It seems so easy for this powerhouse to run roughshod over his opponents, and with a bunch of Saiyan cards giving rewards for having a higher personality level, it seems a match made in heaven.

Saiyan Tantrum - Card Highlight

By jazzdrive3 on 07/25/2016

Saiyan Tantrum is a deceptively straightforward energy attack for Saiyans, with a respectable 6 life cards of damage, a nice HIT effect, and good endurance. To add even more value, however, its parenthetical effect adds a lot of versatility.

Ready for (Beta) Launch

By jazzdrive3 on 07/23/2016

Welcome. I've only been playing the DBZ TCG for a few months, but I love it, and I love the friendliness of the community.

While going through the process of building decks, I ran into some hurdles as a beginner. With (at the time) 5 sets of cards out, it was daunting. Which cards should I focus on? Was there a way to easily search through all of the cards? I had been burned by other card games in the past by "buying the wrong thing." Like Ice Age for Magic, way back in the day.